Twitter Group Building Strategy

What’s the general rule for creating a Twitter following and building your Twitter group?

Follow someone or a business and they will follow you back. My rule of thumb is a little different. Why? Because I want to follow those of interest, provide value and are consistent (yet fun!). I scan Tweets throughout the day and want to maximize my time reading the contributions of my group so I can learn, think and apply.  So, here it goes!

In building my Twitter group, I consider 5 things before I follow:

  1. Description of the person or business uses
  2. Date of the most recent post
  3. Frequency of posts
  4. Post content
  5. Follow to follower ratio

I also consider the number of posts the person/business has made. If they are new, I’ll also look at their website. Following “newbies” who post valuable content should always be considered: they are new so they may bring different perspectives into the type of content, websites to follow, new hash tags and overall messaging.

With some of my new additions, I tag them to a list: “fabulous females”, “automotive gurus”, “research”, “sm friends”, etc. I want to keep tabs of and learn from these wonderful peeps! I mean, Tweeps🙂

What have you found as your most successful strategy in building your Twitter group?

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