10 Items: Google+ vs. Facebook

An early comparison…as I’ve been on Google+ (G+) for a full day now. Here’s what I’ve experienced compared to Facebook:

Google+ is kind of like a mashup between Facebook and Twitter. Or applying the Twitter model to Facebook. With a twist. Like Twitter, you can “follow” anyone without an approval by the other person. Like Facebook, you can easily follow the newsfeed of information of your connections. But, G+ is taking it further and making information exchange and communication easier. And there is forethought into the strategy that will differentiate and attract users and engagement.

Creating “circles” or groups such as Friends, Family, Automotive, New Media Dayton, Digital Media Gurus, etc. is a great starting point and allows you can easily segment your messages to the appropriate group/s. Here’s some more deets:

Google+                                                               Facebook
“Walls” don’t exist                                                Walls allow spam, unsolicited messages
    (post to a comment so others see it)                 (info you may not want others to see, is)
Drag and drop people management                  Custom groups, individual creation
Messaging: post to one, groups or both            Messaging: post to wall, groups or both
    (disable reshare)
Post-message edits and delete                           Delete only
Video chat (hangout) with multiple peeps        Video chat one-on-one via Skype
Google features integration                                No other apps/features to integrate
Personal profiles only                                          Business/personal profiles
No advertising (yet)                                            Advertising but only once mature
App for that (on Android, anyway)                   Available on Android, iOS, RIM
    (pending iOS approval)
Privacy – people trust Google with info            Privacy issues

People trust the Google name. And it’s new. So early adopters will try it and might eventually migrate from Facebook. Facebook currently has the upper hand with mobile access on all platforms (It’s a matter of time before check-ins, deals and online payments are integrated). Check out these stats to show why mobile access is important.

For those already on and using G+, what do you think:

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