Digital Media Integration

Let’s make somethin’ happen, shall we?

Triple Happiness Every Day 3p-6p!

I made a comment when co-presenting with Michael Taylor of BIA/Kelsey at New Media Dayton on “Go Mobile & Stay Local” which I continue to think about the brand possibilities: “imagine the power of Foursquare and QR Codes”. I followed that today with an “imagine the power of digital marketing!” when I did a “Where’s Waldo?” (well, where’s Vicki) check-in on Foursquare, created a QR Code that I then posted on Facebook. All within less than 60 seconds. A friend responded in less than 2 minutes.

Let’s use my actual location as the brand (which can only be revealed by scanning the QR Code J) and how this can work for businesses – small, medium and large..oh my!




Check-in on Foursquare add comment “Triple Happiness everyday 3p-6p” All connections see this, (those local to you and have alerts on will see immediately), know about promo, may invite others and put on calendar 90 friends
Choose “Share this” option (before or after check-in) Options to send location name, address and Foursquare link via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Text and QR Code – I chose QR Code)  
I chose….Share this text or URL as QR Code (on Facebook) “Sharing” the “attached image” on “Facebook” to upload as an image that expands my message to my FB connections 300 friends
Share with on Twitter As part of your normal check-in, include in message “Triple Happiness every day 3p-6p across the country!” 1,800 followers

Potential exposure resulting from my 60 seconds?

2,200 people*

* There will be some overlap in connections however the message may only be seen on one – if message is seen in more than one application, the repetition builds brand/message awareness.

It’s all about exposure – and the expenses associated with these initiatives would be minimal: marketing person and online brand tracking software.  Each location should have someone monitoring the Foursquare, Facebook places, Gowalla, SCVNGR, etc. check-ins and responding accordingly.

Where was I? More importantly…can you envision the power of integrating digital media?

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