“A Collection of Random Topics and Thoughts”

I created this blog because I’m passionate about social media and engaging in conversations with different types of people on various topics.  “Eclectic” because anything goes – personal and work related topics, thought provoking or #duh moments. We’re all human, just not the same!  Don’t be surprised if you see a spectrum of topics back-to-back. I will focus on something with work then switch to an amazing conversation or event with my kids. What’s unique about this blog is it’s not geared toward a specific audience, topic, niche, etc. It’s exactly what the title describes…”Eclectic”, like me. So, enjoy and have fun participating!!

Social Media Strategist

Who am I?

Vicki O’Neill, a 15-year marketing veteran and a digital marketing/social media geek! I’m also an active mom of two fabulous daughters (ages 12 and 10). I, like my daughters, am a student by nature, love reading, researching, watching, discussing, analyzing and engaging in various forms of media in an effort to learn and determine how I can help others, and provide a different perspective.

I’m combining my years of marketing with sales at Berry Network, a local leads ad agency (proving marketing and sales skills go together!).  I extended my personal brand and launched www.vickioneill.com which will continue to evolve!

A very exciting opportunity is being a daily inspiration on She’s Next (appeared February 2, 2011). I’m very blessed to have Hana Kamm, owner of She’s Next, in my life. This video is a result of her passion, inspiration and launching a site dedicated to a phenominal network of women who ignite their passion every day and make a difference.

My mantra?
Learn from yesterday, live for today, look forward to tomorrow – there’s so much the world has to offer, make the most of each moment!

Let’s Tweet

Let’s Connect… 

Let’s Socialize!!

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